Pay your Electricity Bill

Note :- Your service provider will take upto 3 working days to consider bill payment in account.

APDCL Bill Payment Online

Assam Power Distribution Company Limited has its official website through which people living in Assam can pay and view their latest electricity bill. Besides this, one can also make APDCL prepaid bill payment online and prevent late payment surcharges. You can go through all the schemes related to electricity on the site itself as well.

APDCL Bill Online

Assam Power Distribution Company Limited. (APDCL) is owned by the Government of Assam and it was found on 23rd Novober 2009 under the Indian Companies Act’1956. The organization took over the responsibilities of the former Assam State Electricity Board with the aim to improve the power supply and distribution across Assam. The organization has covered over 33 lakh people by now and the number is still increasing.

How to View APDCL Bill Payment Status?

Here is good news for people living in Assam, now you do not have to visit the Assam Electricity board and stand in long queues to check your APDCL bill payment Status. You can easily view your Assam electricity bill status online via TalkCharge from anywhere and anytime. All you need is a smartphone or a computer, and an internet connection. Follow these easy steps to check your APDCL Assam electricity bill:

  • Install TalkCharge application or visit the website and Login to get an additional cashback.
  • Go to ‘Electricity Bill Payment’ and select Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd. (APDCL.org)
  • On the following page fill in your customer ID and press Continue.
  • You will be redirected to the original APDCL website.
  • Go to ‘Pay and recharge’ followed by ‘View my Electricity Bill’.
  • Enter your consumer ID and captcha to know your electricity bill status.

How to Quick Pay APDCL Bill Online via TalkCharge?

You can seamlessly make APDCL online bill payment via TalkCharge. The online portal has a bundle of the latest deals and offers amongst which you select best to get a maximum discount. Download the app now to stay updated about the latest coupons and offers. The portal allows you to APDCL quick pay bills through debit/ credit card, internet banking, and UPI modes of transaction. Not only this, but it has also given you an additional cashback that you can later use for APDCL recharge or utility bill payments. Steps on how to pay your Assam electricity bill.

  • Sign in with TalkCharge and visit the webpage of the website.
  • Click ‘Electricity Bill Payment’ and choose Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd. (APDCL).
  • Punch in your consumer if and proceed with Continue.
  • On the Assam website, click ‘Pay and Recharge Option’.
  • Select ‘Pay my Electricity Bill’ to pay your bill.
  • On another page fill in your consumer account number and click next.
  • In order to process your APDCL bill payment online, choose your preferred mode of payment.
  • Select the applicable coupon or promo code and complete the process by clicking ‘Pay Now’.
  • After a while, your bill would be paid and soon you will get a TC cashback in your e-wallet.

Avail Verified Assam Electricity Bill Payment Offers

Pay your APDCL bill online at TalkCharge to get maximum benefits. The portal has an array of APDCL bill payment offers and promo codes among which you can select the best and get a maximum discount. On top of that, the first time users get an additional cashback in their e-wallet. So what are waiting for download the app now and get notified when a new deal or offer comes

Different APDCL Online Payment Options

You can choose between debit card, credit, UPI modes of transaction, or internet banking to pay your electricity bill online. Don’t forget to sign with Talkcahrge to get maximum discounts and a cashback.

APDCL Customer Care Team

If you have any query related to Assam electricity bill you can call APDCL Support Team at their helpline no: 1912 or 0361-2313069/2313082/7140001 or email them at support@apdcl.org or ping them at social media platforms:

APDCL FB-www.facebook.com/APDCL.Official/



1. How do I Find My APDCL Consumer Number?

Consumer ID is an essential credential of 11 or 12 digits. You can find it in the left corner of the monthly electricity bill. It is also termed as Consumer Account Number.

2. How to Download Old APDCL Electricity Bill?

The website allows you to easily download the old APDCL electricity bill.

  • Go to homepage of the APDCL website.
  • Click on ‘View or Pay My Bill’
  • Now go to ‘Click Here to View your Electricity Bill’
  • On the next page ‘APDCL Consumer View Bill’ will be displayed.
  • Enter the consumer ID.
  • Enter the captcha and verify.

Now you can view the month-wise electricity bill. Here you will find the PDF of all the bills you paid.

3. How Reprint My APDCL Bill Payment Receipt Online?

After you made the bill payment online, you can get it reprinted. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the homepage of APDCL.
  • Click on ‘Reprint Prepaid Recharge Voucher’ under the Information and Services section.
  • You will be directed to an external website.
  • Now enter a 12-digit consumer ID and submit.
  • You can view the voucher details with the payment date, amount, and PDF files of each.
  • From here you can download and print the online bill payment receipt.

4. How to Recharge APDCL Prepaid Meter Online?

APDCL has made online prepaid bill payment easy and convenient. Go by the following steps:

  • Go to the website link.
  • Enter a 12-digit consumer number
  • Click on ‘verify’.
  • APDCL Prepaid Online Vending page will open up.
  • This will display your name, meter serial number, location, and category.
  • Now enter your Email ID.
  • Enter the payment amount.
  • Click on ‘Proceed to pay’
  • Choose the payment mode and make payment.

5. What is the Electricity Per Unit Rate in Assam?

The electricity per unit rate in Assam varies under three brackets. The rates mentioned below are the latest ones, you can keep an eye on the changing rates.

  • ₹ 5.45 per unit is charged if you consume upto 120 units of electricity.
  • ₹ 6.70 per unit is charged for a monthly usage of 121 to 240 units.
  • If you consume more than 240 units, ₹ 7.70 will be charged per unit.

6. How to Get a New Electricity Connection in Assam?

There are two ways to apply for a new electricity connection in Assam. Go to the electricity office and consult with the authority for your requirement. You can apply for LT or HT connection by this method. Produce the valid required documents for successful registration. Alternatively, you can go to the website and apply for a new connection for LT. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the website of APDCL
  • Click on ‘Apply New Connection’ (LT)
  • You will reach a page of ‘New Connection for LT Consumers (For Town Areas only)’
  • Click on the application form for a new connection.
  • Enter the details and upload scanned documents.
  • Now validate and submit the application for a new connection.