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BWSSB Bill Payment Online

Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board is an independent organization that is formed by the State legislature under the act of Bangalore water supply and sewerage board in 1964. This autonomous body is responsible for water supply in Bangalore, creating a sewerage network, safe disposal of sewage that includes implementation of plans, preparations, collection of water charges, etc.

How to View/Check BWSSB Water Bill Online?

Users can now easily check their outstanding bill of Bangalore water supply and sewerage on the official website of BWSSB. For this, consumers would have to first register or log in at the website and then click to View and Pay Bills. Subsequently, enter your RR number and click to Proceed. Then select the bill details to know the outstanding amount of the bill. After having a quick look at your BWSSB water bill, you can instantly make BWSSB online bill payment.

How to Make BWSSB Bangalore Water Bill Payment Online?

BWSSB online payment is a very easy and hassle-free process. You can easily check your water supply sewerage bill online and subsequently make BWSSB online bill payment at the same portal; however, if you wish to save money on your utility bill payment, you pay the BWSSB water bill via TalkCharge by following these steps.

  • Download the TalkCharge app or visit the website.
  • Register and login in at the platform or app.
  • Click to Water.
  • Select your operator as-Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Then select your mode of payment.
  • Confirm the payment, and that's it.

Different Modes of BWSSB Online Bill Payment

There are many ways of BWSSB online bill payment. You can complete the payment through any bank card- debit card or credit card. Or, you can pay the Bangalore water supply and sewerage bill through UPI. With this now, you can sit back at home and pay your utility bill at the convenience.

BWSSB Customer Care

If you have any BWSSB complaints, you can contact their customer care team at 22238888 / 1916 or share your query at the call center @ bwssb.gov.in


1. Can we pay the water bill online in Bangalore?

Yes, you can pay the BWSSB bill through its official website or via TalkCharge.

2. How can I pay my water bill online in Bangalore?

You can visit the official website of BWSSB. Then click on Pay Your Bills, then enter your RR number (user ID) and RR number (password) along with the captcha code and click on Captcha.

3. How do I read my BWSSB water bill?

RR number is eight digits.

4. How do I use the RR number in BWSSB?

Visit the BWSSB bill pay page on the official website of BWSSB, then enter your consumer number and click to proceed.

5. How to make BWSSB water bill payment online without registration?

Visit the official website of BWSSB and click on pay your bills. If you do not want to sign in click on Quickpay, enter your RR number, and proceed to complete the payment.