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Calcutta Electricity Supply Commission (CESC Bill Payment)

Calcutta Electricity supply commission is an electricity generation board which is the primary distributor of electricity in the Kolkata region. It works under the administration of Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Serving more than millions of customers, CESC is one of the best service providers. They initiated this venture under the chairmanship of businessman Sanjeev Goenka. The company aims to expand its operations and reach out to more and more customers.

CESC currently operates four thermal plants in the country and is aiming to expand its capacity to 7000 MV in the next five or six years. Like every other company, CESC also aims to provide the best services to its customers. They take every possible measure to ensure that their customers do not face any kind of trouble.

Knowing the importance of electricity for the current generation, CESC aims to minimize power cuts. From the time of waking up to going back to sleep, everyone demands a constant electric supply.

Experience Quality Service While CESC Online Bill Payment

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Vision and Mission of CESC:

CESC was established with the primary aim to establish itself as a profit-making consumer power supply unit which is able to match the global standards. The company is continuously making efforts to be responsive to social requirements and helping the employees attain personal competence.

The company wishes to continue to be the safe and reliable source of energy for its customers and at the same time has no intention of disturbing environmental stability. There are trying to optimize the given resources. In order to get the best outputs.

Benefits of Choosing Online CESC Bill Payment:

CESC Bill Payments With Ease:

CESC is a fully integrated power utility with operations in every stage of production right from coal mining to electricity distribution. The company allows its users to pay for their electricity bills in various forms. Users have the option to pay their bills via both online and offline modes. While many of us believe that going to the electricity board office and standing in long queues to pay the bills is outdated, there are some who still find this easy. The company has given the users an option to choose from various modes as per their convenience.

CESC allows users to pay the bills via platforms like TalkCharge with the help of which users can even save some money. With TalkCharge users get cashback points and also discount coupons. Both these allow them to pay the bills while saving. CESC and TalkCharge are trying to make the lives of their users better together.

With the advancing technology more and more users are looking for alternatives for bill payments which are better than long tiring cumbersome procedures. In this scenario, platforms like TalkCharge act as a saviour. What else could someone probably ask for? Ease and flexibility of payment, cashback points, saving deals! This is surely like a dream come true situation.

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In order to enhance the experience of its users, the Calcutta electricity supply commission has partnered with TalkCharge, a coupon providing platform. The company allows its users to pay their bills in a few clicks using TalkCharge. By following this hassle free procedure, users save themselves from the trouble of long queues, bad weather, and much more. TalkCharge is one platform that tries to maximize the happiness of users by providing deals and coupons on every purchase. Users can simply activate a deal from TalkCharge and get some extra cashback.

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Payment at Your Own Comfort:

While using TalkCharge, users have the flexibility to choose from a plethora of payment avenues. A consumer can use their debit/ credit cards or net-banking. TalkCharge ensures that the payment is securely credited to the CESC account. In case, due to any trouble, if the amount is not credited to the CESC account, the full amount is refunded to the original mode of payment of the customer. It's as easy and good as it sounds! Now is the time to ditch the traditional cumbersome processes of bill payments and switch to the smart ways. With this, you save not only your time and efforts but also fortunes! Pay your electricity bills smart way.

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