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About Charotar Gas Sahakari Mandali Ltd. (CGSML)

The Charotar Gas Sahakari Mandali Ltd. (CGSML) was incorporated in 1998. In the same year, it was registered under the Co-operative Act. The prime motive to introduce CGSML was to provide natural gas through pipelines in the city Anand,(located in Gujarat) and its nearby areas. In the last couple of year the the Mandali has achieved some of the noteworthy achievements which include online Charotar Gas Sahakari Mandali Gas Bill Payment service through which residents of Anand can pay their gas bill online.

How to Make Charotar Gas Bill Payment Online?

Finding an online payment channel for instant payment has always been a daunting task for gas consumers. However, TalkCharge has now simplified the process, the online platform is the safest and fastest platform for online Charotar gas bill payment and other utility bill payments. A user can simply make Charotar gas payment online from any place he is, and at any time. Besides providing an instant and safe medium to pay Charotar gas bill, TalkCharge also helps the user to get a rebate on his gas bill amount, which makes it one of the best platform for Charotar gas Sahakari Mandali bill pay.

Online Charortar Gas Bill Payment via TalkCharge

TalkCharge is a boon for Charotar gas users! With few clicks on their smartphone, the users can make their Charotar gas online payment in a jiffy. For fast and hassle-free bill payment users can download TalkChrge application and sign up with TalkCharge. Follow this process to pay Charotar gas bill via TalkCharge.

  • Click Gas
  • Select your gas bill payment operator- Charotar Gas Sahakari Mandali Ltd.
  • Punch in your Consumer Number and tap Continue.
  • If you are paying online gas bill for the first time complete your CGSML login.
  • At this point, you can review your bill amount.
  • Select your payment option.
  • Check out the latest gas bill payment discounts at TalkCharge and select the best.
  • Fill the coupon code in the field where required.
  • Click Pay Now.
  • Your gas bill payment is done!

Charotar Gas Online Payment Offers, Discount & Cashback

TalkCharge is not an ordinary bill payment platform through which users can only pay the gas bill. In fact, TalkCharge enables the users to pay the bill and simultaneously get discounts and cashback. All the latest gas bill payment offers has been exclusively listed for its users at Gas Bill Payment Offers page.

Users can select an applicable Charotar gas bill payment coupon code and use it while paying the bill, and soon their bill amount will be reduced. Isn’t it a good way to save your money? Not only this, the customers also get TC cashback. Once your gas bill is successfully paid, you will receive the cashback in your e-wallet. With this, you get a double benefit of choosing TalkCharge for paying the gas bill.

Charotar Gas Bill Payment Gateway

The Charotar gas users can make the payment through safe payment gateways such as credit or debit card. They can also make the transaction through net banking and UPI. All they have to do is select their preferred payment option while paying Charotar gas bill online Via TalkCharge.

Charotar Gas Sahakari Mandali Customer Care

You can call Charotar gas Sahakari Mandali customer care team at +026)-922-29517 or write your queries at info@charotargas.com.

Click at Gas Bill Payment Offers to know about the latest offers.