Pay your Water Bill

Jabalpur Municipal Corporation (JMC) Water Bill Payment

Formed in the year 1992, Jabalpur Municipal Corporation, also known as JMC, is a civic body. The organization's main responsibility is to look after all the administration and civic infrastructure of the city-Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, MP. JMC is amongst the first municipalities of the country. JMC also has an official website where one can avail all the online services, including water bill payment service from anywhere and anytime. Currently, the organization is headed by Swati Godbole, and Babu Kanchedi Lal Jain of Lal was the first president of the Nagar Palika.

How to Check Jabalpur Water Bill Online?

No more later, water bill payments! Now you can check your latest JMC water bill online and make the payment shortly. How? The Jabalpur Municipal Corporation has its official website that allows all the city residents to check and make JMC water bill online.

  • Visit the official website of E-Nagar Palika, Government of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Click to Pay taxes/charges, then click to Water Connection.
  • Subsequently, tap on Water Bill Payments.
  • Enter all the details and click to search.
  • On the page, your latest water bill of Jabalpur would be displayed.
  • Have a look at it and then make JMC water bill payment online.

How to Make Online JMC Water Bill Payment?

You can visit E-Nagar Palika's website, Government of Madhya Pradesh, to pay the Jabalpur water bill online. However, if you are still struggling, then TalkCharge is at your rescue. Here, not only you can make the utility bill payments, but you can also get the latest offers and deals on the utility bill payments.

  • For a hassle, free-way download the TalkCharge app.
  • Or visit its website.
  • On the bottom of the homepage on the app, click on Recharge/Pay Bills.
  • Click on water and then enter the name of the operator.
  • However, if you are paying through the website, click on the water.
  • Then select your operator as Jabalpur Municipal Corporation.
  • Enter your service number and click on Continue.
  • Choose the mode of bill payment.
  • Enter the amount of your water bill and confirm the payment.

Secured and Safe Ways of Online Jabalpur Municipal Corporation Water Bill Payment

In order to make JMC water bill payment online, you can choose net banking and bank cards like credit and debit cards. These are completely the same modes of payment. You can also choose to pay through UPI. Whatever way you choose, make sure that you enter the correct username and account details.