Pay your Electricity Bill

Note :- Your service provider will take upto 3 working days to consider bill payment in account.

About MSEDCL Bill Payment

The recent Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) was caring for Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of Electricity in Maharashtra notwithstanding Mumbai. After the institution of the 2003 Electricity Act, the setup of MSEB was rebuilt into 4 sub-divisions namely, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited, MSEB Holding Company Limited, Maharashtra State Electricity Generation Company Limited, and Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Limited. Mahavitaran circulates power to purchasers over the State aside from Mumbai.

How to Make MSEDCL Online Bill Payment?

Flawlessly make your MSEDCL bill payment online on the TalkCharge Platform. Next to helping direct limits on each bill-pay aggregate, TalkCharge offers an enormous measure of coupons and markdown codes both for the new and existing customers. A client can esteem gigantic discount and extra cashback onto their wallets at TalkCharge that can be further used for different managerial measures on the site or versatile application.

  1. Select your capacity provider to be MSEDCL from the dropdown.
  2. Fill in your Consumer ID and snap-on continue towards bringing your MSEDCL Bill Copy.
  3. At this crossroads try to put in your MSEDCL Login certifications to bring up the accurate bill from your record that you are searching for to complete a compelling MSEB bill payment.
  4. As such, you can analyze and comprehend the bill-total that you should pay. After an intensive check, you can proceed with further for the bill-pay.
  5. After you have gotten your bill and checked all of the nuances just sign in or pursue another record at the TalkCharge stage.
  6. In the following page, you can pick your preferred payment measure including Bank Cards, be it a debit or a credit card, Internet Banking or any UPI technique for trade.
  7. Pick a suitable coupon or discount code and hit the Pay Now choice.
  8. What's more, your online Mahadiscom bill payment is successful and the extra TC Cashback is traveling your direction.

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Modes for Paying Maharashtra Electricity Bill Payment

Pay MSEB electricity bills from your charge/Visa cards from any national bank, online portal banking or any UPI methodology - all would record to a viable bill payment for electricity distribution utility from the MSEDCL app or site.

MSEDCL Customer Care Team

You can drop in a mail at customercare@mahadiscom.in or clearly associate with a representative for any grievance redressal by dialing the toll-free number 1912 / 19120 or 1800-102-3435 / 1800-233-3435. Whether it is a payment related issue or a concern regarding general power cuts, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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1. What is the processing cycle in MSEDCL?

The term ‘Processing Cycle’ is the term used by officials of MSEDCL. This means that a certain group of bills will be processed in the same duration.

2. How to check MSEDCL application status?

If you have applied for a new connection, you can see the status on the website easily. Visit the website and click on ‘Track Status, Upload Documents and Pay Charges’. You will be directed to new page. Now click on the left most tab ‘New Connection’. You can check the application status either by application number or consumer number. Select one of these two options and enter the application ID or Customer number. Further enter the characters in the box and click on submit. The status of the new application will be displayed on the screen.

3. What is wheeling charges in MSEDCL?

The ‘Wheeling Charge’ is charged by the owner of transmission for the usage of transmitting equipment. If the electricity is transmitted through equipment of multiple transmission owners then wheeling charge will be charged by each one.

4. How to change name on Mahadiscom electricity bill online?

Go to the website of MSEDCL and click on ‘Track Status, Upload Documents and Pay Charges’ placed on left side of the homepage. In the next page, click on ‘Change of name’ and new application will be displayed. Enter your application number or consumer number to start the process. Here is a list of documents acceptable for the process:

  • Occupancy Certificate
  • Ownership Document
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Legal document of NOC of the owner (In case you are tenant)

5. How to check if MSEDCL bill paid or not?

Follow the steps bellow to check your MSEDCL bill:

  • Visit the homepage.
  • Click on Web Self Service.
  • Go to managing user account.
  • Go to Viewing Payment History.
  • Click on Viewing Payments made Online.
  • Now click on ‘select the consumer number’ to enter your dashboard.
  • Click on history.
  • Now you can all the bills which are paid and unpaid.

6. How to register mobile number for MSEDCL bill online?

You can register your mobile number with MSEDCL by simply sending a message. Type MREG, put space and enter your consumer number. Send this text message to 9225592255. Now you will receive the message notifying you of successful mobile number registration.

7. How to apply for a new connection for MSEDCL bill online?

Go to the website and click on ‘New connection request’ on the left tab of the homepage. A1 application form is displayed with information about the documents. Click on the link and you will find online application form. Fill the details and submit for new registration.

8. What is HT and LT consumer in Mahadiscom?

High Tension or HT consumers are those you need more than 11kilo Volts. On the other hand, Low Tension or LT consumers require lesser electricity units by Mahadiscom.