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Punjab state power corporation limited (PSPCL Bill Payment)

Punjab state power corporation limited is a power generating and distributing company organized under the government of Punjab. The board’s functioning and administration are controlled wholly by the government. Incorporated in 2010, PSPCL took over the operations of generation of electricity which were previously controlled by PSEB.

This is one of the best functioning electricity boards in the country and they are striving hard to achieve higher growths. They have a clear expansion strategy and aim to achieve higher generation capacity in the next few years.

The board is engaged in the production of electricity via both thermal and hydel sources. There are five main thermal plants and around 10 hydro projects through which electricity is generated by the PSPCL. The company is aiming to maximize the efficiency of these existing plants and also to reduce the wastage during distribution. With this, they will be able to achieve growth without putting more pressure on environmental resources.

Vision and mission of PSPCL:

The main aim of this organization is to be a vibrant, responsive and self- reliant institution. They are striving hard day and night to be the best and to provide their customers with the finest of services. They work for not only operational excellence but also commercial excellence.

The mission with which this company was established was to attain trustworthiness of the customers and to be the most reliable energy provider. In order to regain the lost faith of customers in government institutions, they work hard. Excellence in performance standards is what they wish to achieve.

The customers of the company mainly get attracted to the values they worship. They train their employees to be dedicated to their work. Because of this attitude, they have traveled their journey from being good to great in a very short span of time.

PSPCL bill payments:

Being a government-run agency, PSPCL has earned the reputation of a typical government office where red-tapism and bureaucracy rule. To set themselves apart, the Punjab state electricity board has started the provision of online bill payments. Users have the choice to pay their electricity bills online using different platforms and payment avenues. The company gives the users the freedom and flexibility to pay their bills from the comfort of home. Without even getting up from your bed, you can pay your electricity bills which earlier required you to stand in long never-ending queues in bad weather conditions.

The best solution for this problem is that the customers pay their PSPCL electricity bills online via TalkCharge. TalkCharge allows them to grab discounts and offers whenever they pay the bills. The added advantage is that the whole process is hassle-free. Within minutes and by following a few simple steps, users can pay their electricity bills and also earn some cashback. It's as simple as it sounds!

Discounts and offers with every electricity bill payment:

When the users decide to pay their electricity bills with TalkCharge, they make themselves eligible for some money saving deals. With every deal they activate from the TalkCharge platform, they earn some assured cashback points which they can use for the payment of recharges or for buying E-giftcards for their loved ones. The whole process of bill payments is very simple.

Just by following the below stated stress-free steps, the user can pay their PSPCL electricity bills:

And done!

Within a few clicks, you can pay your electricity bill. By making use of the advancing technology, users can avoid the cumbersome traditional bill paying processes. Also, by using this laziness, they save themselves fortunes, first in terms of discounts and then the added cashback points. What else can someone even ask for?

Earn cashback whenever you pay bills:

TalkCharge is one of the best platforms that not only allows you to pay your bills easily but also gives you assured cashback whenever you do so. With TalkCharge in hand, users can enjoy the double benefit of savings. Without much hassles, they can save their hard earned money. Whenever a customer decides to pay their bills via TalkCharge, they activate offers and earn assured cashback points which are directly transferred to the TalkCharge wallet of the customer. They can redeem this amount for the payment of recharges, phone bills or other utility bills. Using TalkCharge is a very easy task and anyone can do it.

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PSPCL: the customer-oriented board

PSPCL has established a place for itself in the hearts of its customers. By making the policies customer friendly, it is making people fall in love with it. They are trying to minimize the power cuts that disturb the lives of people. In this era, when from the time of waking up to going back to sleep, our lives are governed completely by electricity; they are trying to make sure that their users don’t face any troubles. When even the toothbrushes are electricity driven nowadays, how can we expect to not love the electric board that supplies the electricity to our homes?

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