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About Store
Beelicious is a subsidiary of LivRite Nutrition. LivRite is a developing organization that offers the best in premium sustenance items intended to improve your wellbeing. The essential objective is to enable clients to live as solid a way of life as conceivable with the learning that one is Show More
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Beelicious HONEY SALE

  • Order online & get natural Honey available at Beelicious. ...Show More
  • Order online & get natural Honey available at Beelicious.
  • Ingredients include Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon and more.
  • Checkout the landing page for different flavors.
  • Products are toxin-free, sugar-free, preservatives-free, etc.

  • Grab Flat 10% on wider range of Honey products. ...Show More
  • Grab Flat 10% on wider range of Honey products.
  • No minimum cart value is required.
  • Offer is valid once per user during the campaign period.

  • Grab Flat 15% OFF on BeeLicious 12 months Subscription. ...Show More
  • Grab Flat 15% OFF on BeeLicious 12 months Subscription.
  • Search here for various types of honey such as Raw Organic, Himalayan, Classic Eucalyptus, and more.
  • Enjoy the benefit without using the Coupon code.

  • Order online & get real Cardamom infused Natural Honey at Rs. 399. ...Show More
  • Order online & get real Cardamom infused Natural Honey at Rs. 399.
  • Weight loss, Detox, Increase in immunity level are some of the benefits.
  • Product contains Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Amino acids and more.

  • Avail Acacia Honey at Rs. 499. ...Show More
  • Avail Acacia Honey at Rs. 499.
  • Get 100% raw & natural honey from Beelicious.
  • No added sugar, fructose or corn syrup.

  • Store is providing Cinnamon enriched Honey at price of Rs. 399. ...Show More
  • Store is providing Cinnamon enriched Honey at price of Rs. 399.
  • Product helps to Heal Wounds, Boost Immunity, and more.
  • Hurry! Limited period offer.

  • Grab the Beelicious Honey with Ginger at just Rs. 399. ...Show More
  • Grab the Beelicious Honey with Ginger at just Rs. 399.
  • Available in 250gm.
  • Get the best quality honey at a very reasonable cost.

  • Purchase the Classic Premium Honey collection from Beelicious for 40 gms pack starting at Rs. 40. ...Show More
  • Purchase the Classic Premium Honey collection from Beelicious for 40 gms pack starting at Rs. 40.
  • Package is starting from 30gms, 250 gms, and 400 gms.
  • Order this premium Classic honey now.

  • Get turmeric enriched Himalayan Premium Honey available at Rs. 399. ...Show More
  • Get turmeric enriched Himalayan Premium Honey available at Rs. 399.
  • Products are 100% natural and authentic.
  • Store is providing secure online payment.

Latest Beelicious Coupons & Offers - Mar 2024

Beelicious Coupons Category

Beelicious Offers

Classic Premium Honey

Starting at Rs 40

Kashmiri Premium Honey

Starting at Rs 50

Raw Kashmir Acacia Honey

Starting at Rs 400

Beelicious Honey with Ginger

Starting at Rs 60

Beelicious Honey with Cinnamon

Starting at Rs 60

Beelicious Honey with Clove

Starting at Rs 60

Beelicious Honey with Cardamom

Starting at Rs 60

Wide Variations of Honey available at Beelicious

1. Classic Premium Honey

Classic Premium Honey experiences an extraordinary, exceptional filtration process that enables it to hold its common cancer prevention agents, chemicals and nutrients as it is just warmed to 40 degrees. Also, a large portion of the nectar's dust substance gets held as well. This may influence aesthetic bid as the nectar may not be perfectly clear, however, it’s incredible for wellbeing.

If it's already too hard to resist, you can opt to go on and order some for yourself and then come back to read along. Make sure to use exciting Beelicious coupons before you check out to get the best quality nectar delivered at refurbished prices.

2. Kashmiri Premium Honey

Produced using the nectar of probably the most wonderful blooms settled in the virgin valleys of Kashmir, each spoon of this rendition is certain to entice your taste buds without limit. Without a trace of sugar, fructose or corn syrup added to it, Beelicious Kashmiri Premium Honey is situated to lure the most requesting taste buds with its sensitive punch.

3. Raw Kashmir Acacia Honey

Unadulterated and crude Kashmir Acacia Honey is the most healthy and normal nectar that you'll ever taste on this planet. Handpicked from impeccable Acacia blossoms in the nippy heaps of Kashmir, the flavor and regular properties of this nectar are as genuine as they can get. With no preparing or warming at all, it is just sifted and packaged, making it the first-of-its-kind.

4. Beelicious Honey with Ginger

Nectar mitigates a sore throat and keeps it quiet and cool and in a moment the agony is decreased altogether. Ginger contains antibacterial and antiviral properties which manage the influenza infection. It produces sweat in the body which flushes out all the undesirable poisons and forestalls contaminations.

5. Beelicious Honey with Clove

Clove contains antibacterial properties and various sound supplements that when joined with nectar helps in calming different medical issues. Countering a sore throat, pimples, mouth ulcers and keeping up clear skin are some of the upright advantages of a mix of nectar with clove.

6. Beelicious Honey with Cinnamon

It is an ideal mix that contains antibacterial properties notwithstanding rendering a relieving impact on the body. Keeping up a solid heart, supporting in malignant growth anticipation, keeping cholesterol levels at check are some of the numerous positives that you get when you blend honey with cinnamon.

7. Beelicious Honey with Cardamom

Combining the goodness of natural nectar along with cardamoms reap benefits on a human body like none other. Digestive health procurements to diabetes treatment, eradication to the growth of cancer cells to improved heart healths - the list can get ongoing forever but the goodness of it won't cease. Try some today to lead a healthier, happy and balanced lifestyle.

How to Use Beelicious Coupons at TalkCharge?

1: Head onto the store page of Beelicious at the TalkCharge convenient application or site and sign in to your profile.

2: Select from the wide display of natural honey varieties that you can buy at the Beelicious site.

3: Head onto the Beelicious site promptly from TalkCharge.

4: Select the perfect item that best suits your need.

5: Go on to the checkout area and apply the most fitting Beelicious coupon (if you pick any).

6: Pay for it utilizing any of the payment techniques available.

7: And it's that straightforward! You simply earned some reward cashback that is setting off to your e-wallet in TalkCharge over the stunning offer that you had from group LivRite Beelicious.

Attempt to look at the most recent Beelicious coupon codes and offers on TalkCharge. While completing a trade, do add these splendid game plans to recognize gigantic limits on your buy. Thusly, bring home the best plan wearables and embellishments today while shopping at Beelicious.

Beelicious Coupons
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Hive Alive Loyalty Program

Hive Alive is a program started and offered by Beelicious, which enables you to receive and support your own honey bee family and honey bee home; and get a portion of the nation's purest honey alongside the most-crisp and occasional goodness, conveyed ideally to your doorstep consequently; from your very own honey bee home. While you don't spend anything something other than the expense of a container pursuing the reception program enables you to contribute back to the environment and society enormously.

Beelicious Customer Care Team

Get in touch with the dedicated support team by simply dropping in an email at consumer@livrite.net or by dialing +91-2228770077 for an instant solution to your queries and concerns. Flor further updates and offers please contact or reach them at their social media handles likewise at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google Plus.