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Craving for Shopping? Or searching for a unique outfit? But, have a low budget and hate the long queues at the checkout? In this era of everything fast and furious, we introduce you to the fastest way of speedy shopping. Limeroad is an e-commerce web portal, which provides a diverse range of clothi Show More

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Some crazy facts about Limeroad is an Indian e-commerce fashion platform founded in 2012. It is a brand owned by A.M Marketplaces Pvt. Ltd. based in Gurgaon, with 4000 sellers and 650 employees. Its first offline store opened in Surat, Gujarat. The homepage of greets you with the tempting magazine spread that is Scrapbook Collections – ‘Affordable Intelligent living’.

Limeroad works on a simple idea of allowing people to shop the look they desire. It allows you to create your unique look - on a virtual scrapbook using products from its vendors on the site and can share it with others. If you're not the creative type, you could 'buy' a look created by someone else.
















The community of scrapbookers on Limeroad is growing rapidly, from creating around thousand looks a month a year ago, to two million a month. The facts are enough to allow users to jump on the bandwagon! Limeroad is the new way India shops and everyone must try creating their look and shopping it.

With Limeroad the user need not be bothered about the delivery or quality of the products. Limeroad ensures that the customer gets the best products at the best prices and as fast as possible. Because we all know how hard it is to wait for your loved product after placing the order!

Some benefits you get from shopping on Limeroad

Limeroad is surely one of the most distinctive e-commerce platforms operating in the country. Apart from the quirkiness it offers, Limeroad works hard to make the customers delightful about their shopping experience.

Below listed are some of the added advantages customers get when they shop on Limeroad:

Benefit from the Saving Deal

It’s time for you to awaken the hidden stylist within you! Shopping on Limeroad is more fun when you have the creative artist within you who craves to experiment with new looks and styles. Limeroad offers you a platform where you can create your own exceptional styles or shop the creativity of others. To make this creative shopping experience even better, Limeroad allows the user to grab some Limeroad offers and Limeroad Coupons via TalkCharge. With TalkCharge in hand, users can benefit from the exclusive shopping experience they have on Limeroad in form of added cashback and deals.

How to use TalkCharge?

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TalkCharge allows users to get some crazy deals, offers coupon code or promo codes which can be used on the brand’s website to save fortunes. Also, with every deal the customer activates on TalkCharge, they get cashback points which are added to the TalkCharge wallet and these are redeemable in various forms.

Using TalkCharge is a piece of cake! All the users have to do is find their brand on TalkCharge’s webs portal and then look out for the craziest money-saving deal. After activating the deal, users will be directed to the website of the brand and the work is done! Now the customers have to do their favorite task- shopping, without worrying about their pockets.

The user can use the TalkCharge wallet cashback, they receive after every transaction they do via TalkCharge,  to pay for their utility bills, recharges, purchase of e-giftcards and much more. Thus using TalkCharge is the best money saving deal which everyone must grab! In order to save their users from any disappointment, TalkCharge adds new deals and offers every day on their platform.

How to shop from Limeroad using TalkCharge?

Limeroad is one of the best shopping destinations for all those who are tired of the same brands and are open to experimenting with new designers and looks. Limeroad has proven itself better than the rest of the e-commerce platform by introducing the scrapbook feature and enabling users to unleash their creative minds while shopping. To make the experience even more memorable, Limeroad offers Coupons and offers via TalkCharge.

The users have to search for Limeroad on the TalkCharge website. After this, they will be directed to a page with Limeroad offers and Limeroad Coupons. Based on their needs, the customers can choose the best discount deal they like, and activate the deal. After this, they will be redirected to the Limeroad webpage from where they can shop their heart out! Don’t forget the extra cashback they get, every time they use TalkCharge!

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