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What Netmeds stands for?

E-commerce is no longer limited to fashion; the global economy is growing to provide for every need of the customer at his comfort. Netmeds is India’s first online pharmacy providing convenient access to medicines after uploading of prescription by the customer. With Netmeds having your back, you don’t need to stand in long queues, bear with bad weather conditions or run in the middle of the night to get your medicine. Ensuring fast delivery of the prescribed medicine at the doorstep of the customer, Netmeds is capturing a good market share.

Netmeds offers you a wide range of prescription medicines which can be easily ordered from the website or app version. Currently, hundreds of pin codes are serviceable for delivery and new is being added to the list every day. Netmeds doesn’t stop service after your order gets delivered once. They believe that once you order you become a part of their family and it becomes their duty to send you reminders when your medicine is about to finish. This is how the online pharmacy is building trust and winning hearts of thousands of customers.

Initially, the idea was looked upon with suspicion but now with efforts, the Indian pharmacy has established its name in the market. The focus is to provide the customers with the best services as per their convenience.

Why Netmeds?

When the idea of online pharmacy came into existence people were all skeptical about the approach. Pharmaceuticals have always been related to you visiting a chemist, showing the prescription and getting your medicines. However, with the introduction of online pharmacy, people have found a safer and more convenient alternative.

Some of the reasons why you should give Netmeds a try are:

So, it’s time for you to stop visiting the chemist shop and start enjoying smart shopping for your medicines also. It saves you time, money and efforts!

Save fortunes while you shop:

While purchasing medicines we usually do not think about the price because they are our life saviors. However, it would not be wrong to say that if we can save some money and get the best medicines, the deal is never bad! With TalkCharge on the side, this is possible. TalkCharge allows you to use Netmeds coupon codes and Netmeds offers to save fortunes while you shop the medicines prescribed to you.

Shopping via TalkCharge is the smarter way to get the medicines. Also, the cashback you earn via TalkCharge can be redeemed for payment of Electricity Bills, DTH, Landline, Mobile Recharge or to purchase E-Giftcard. Thus, it's a good saving deal to use a combination of TalkCharge and Netmeds.

Shop the medicines anywhere anytime:

Stuck in a traffic jam? Cannot make it to the pharmacy because of bad weather conditions? Fret not! Netmeds is there to help you. With Netmeds you can order your medicine online from the biggest pharmacy in India and get it delivered to your doorstep. With highly effective logistics partners, Netmeds does not disappoint their customers.

Try using Netmeds coupons and Netmeds offers via TalkCharge and then you can enjoy the best deals while you shop for the medicines. In this way not only you save yourself from the troublesome processes but also save some riches. Who are you waiting for? Hurry! Upload your prescription on Netmeds to get your medicines and don’t forget to club the deal with TalkCharge coupons.

Why Shop at Netmeds via TalkCharge?

TalkCharge is a platform that gives you coupons, deals and promo codes for all major online e-commerce platforms and allows you to save your hard-earned money. Also you also get cashback points in the TalkCharge wallet which are redeemable in various forms. In this way, TalkCharge allows you to shop for fresh styles at a sale like prices.

TalkCharge has been known for providing the users the best services. With TalkCharge in hand, you don’t need to feel guilty about shopping too much. There are promo codes and deals of the day for several brands available. TalkCharge makes everyday feel like a shopping festival where you can grab all you want without burning a hole in the pocket.

How to use TalkCharge to get the best deals?

Using TalkCharge is not a difficult task. All you need to do is log in on the TalkCharge website. Search for the store you want to shop on. Activate your deal and TalkCharge would redirect you to the brand’s page where you can select your favorites and fill in your cart all you like and want.

For instance, if you wish to get your medicines online, then you can search for Netmeds coupons on TalkCharge and the page with all the Netmeds offers and Netmeds coupons codes would appear. You can simply select the deal you want and the work is done. You would be directed to the Netmeds website where you can shop for all the medicines you need. The whole task is a piece of cake!

Facing troubles with TalkCharge? Let us help you:

TalkCharge boasts about having a highly responsive customer support team which helps the users with any issue they face while using the TalkCharge platform. Be it related to cashback redemptions or validity of several deals, all the problems of the users are addressed. The team works day and night to provide the best services to their customers.

You can contact the TalkCharge customer support team via the following channels:

Mail your queries on

Or you can simply visit the frequently asked questions section on the website to find the answer to your problems:

Either way, customers will surely get their grievances redressed in the best possible manner until they are completely satisfied.