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Even prior to the advent of the ubiquitous ‘smartphone’ and the onset of the internet, many people were shopaholics and the moment they stepped into a market, they just couldn’t resist themselves from buying a variety of stuff. However, post the prevalence and deep penetration of the smartphon Show More

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About Shopclues

The story began way back in 2011. That was the formative year of what was to emerge as ‘India’s First & Largest Fully Managed Marketplace’. Seeing the plight of the common buyer at that time, running from pillar to post, anticipating a bargain worth a few bucks, the founders of Shopclues conceived the idea of lending shape to their brainchild i.e. Since then, it has been a long journey and in the present day, Shopclues is an online store with over 2.8 crore products. An achievement of sorts, indeed!

The saying ‘you name it and we have it’ holds absolutely true for Shopclues

Can you imagine an online store that provides you anything, literally ‘anything’? Well, if you can’t, you’d better get used to the name Shopclues. The spectrum of products that Shopclues has up for sale is quite wide. From usual household products to electronic items to apparels to electrical appliances to some very unusual products of the likes of cow dung cakes, Shopclues has it all. With such an exceptional gamut of products, Shopclues has been able to successfully pose a great challenge to some of the oldest and the most established players in the online shopping business.

Shopclues is the synonym for ‘great discounts’ and ‘tempting deals’

Shopclues knows that the average Indian buyer is keen on getting any and every kind of discount each time he/she shops online. Respecting that sentiment of the average Indian buyer, Shopclues strives to delight each and every single buyer by making available to them a variety of Shopclues Coupons and Shopclues Promocodes. What makes Shopclues Exclusive Deals all the more tempting is the availability of a number Shopclues Discount Coupons that attract more and more buyers and customers to the Shopclues portal.

Innovation and revolution; The two mantras that helped Shopclues emerge as the greatest online shopping portal

Since its inception, Shopclues has always been known to revolutionize the idea of online shopping. How? Well, with so many mind-blowing initiatives such as its ‘Bigger than the Biggest Thank You Sale’, ‘Ghar Wapsi Sale’, ‘#EkZeroKum Sale’, Shopclues has emerged as the undisputed leader in unstructured categories of products such as daily utilities, garden needs, hardware and many more.

Going one step further in revolutionizing the online shopping model, Shopclues pioneered the notion of making many products available to both wholesale as well as retail seekers at wholesale prices. Shopclues chose to name this revolutionary concept as ‘Sab Kuch Wholesale Ke Rate Par’.

Thereafter, Shopclues envisioned bringing the experience of shopping at local, roadside markets online and started its weekly properties namely the ‘Sunday Flea Market’, the ‘Refreshing Monday Sale’, the ‘Wednesday Brand Bazaar’ and the ‘Triple Value Friday Sale’.

Shopclues did not stop at that too. It had some more innovations up its sleeve. This time its aim was to empower the middle class population of India, particularly that residing in tier 2 & 3 cities. It successfully captured the essence of regional Indian shopping with its yet another property named the ‘National Regional Heritage’ (NRH) which provided users a taste of the cultural gullies of India at extremely affordable prices. The NRH showcases a wide range of products that are offered at prices that are too low.

The surety program of Shopclues; Rest assured

In order to ensure a hassle free shopping experience to all its customers Shopclues came up with its Shopclues Surety program, which is a premium service that ensures that every product goes through a 5 point quality check, so that customers receive products of only the top-notch quality.

Talkcharge + Shopclues=Unmatched deals and discounts

On similar lines as Shopclues, Talkcharge, since its very inception, was able to understand the temperament of Indian buyers and in sync with the idea that Indian buyers consider discounts, cashbacks and promo codes as much as they consider the quality of products before buying anything online, Talkcharge is committed to providing great discounts and amazing deals every time customers choose to shop at Shopclues via Talkcharge.

What that essentially means is that by choosing to visit via the Talkcharge portal, users can enjoy twofold gains and advantages, the first being in the form of the discounts, coupons and promocodes provided by Shopclues itself and the second one being in the form of Talkcharge cashback. That’s the equivalent of the phrase ‘two to tango’.

The following are some of the choicest deals that Talkcharge has to offer in return for shopping on Shopclues via the Talkcharge portal:-

  1. Many of you might have bought T-Shirts online many times. It couldn’t get more exciting if you could get discounts as grand as 90 percent. Well, that’s the advantage of shopping on Shopclues via Talkcharge. You can enjoy the best collection of snazzy and stylist mens’ Polos and T-Shirts and enjoy up to 90 percent off and additionally avail up to 6 percent Talkcharge cashback.
  2. Memory devices such as pen drives, SD memory cards, USB OTG pen drives etc. have become a necessity these days. From helping expand the storage of our smartphones to being great portable memory storage devices, such items need to be bought at some moment or the other, if not very frequently. Such memory devices from an established brand name SanDisk start for as low as 349 INRs at Shopclues and on buying such memory devices at Shopclues via Talkcharge, you can get up to 50 percent off.
  3. Maintaining fitness and a great physique have become a trend among the masses. For being fit as well as for building a good physique, nutrition is of prime significance. Talkcharge is offering up to 80 percent off on health care and nutrition products on buying these essentials at Shopclues.
  4. For automobile enthusiasts who are always keen to enhance their inventory of automotive accessories, Talkcharge offers up to 80 percent off on all automotive accessories. By shopping at Shopclues via the Talkcharge portal, you can get dustproof car/bike body covers, LED strip trunk lights, car wrap sheet rolls, combo tool kits, tyre lights, car vacuum cleaners, LED bike aux bar fog lights and many more at a starting price of merely 99 INRs.
  5. Diamonds, they say, are girls’ best friends. For women fond of jewellery, Shopclues is offering a minimum of 60 percent off on jewellery items such as pendants, earrings, chains, necklace sets, rings, bangles and bracelets made of  diamond, gold and silver. The deal gets even sweeter when you choose to pay using ICICI internet banking which way you can avail an instant discount of 10 percent, up to a maximum of 1,000/- INRs.

The Shopclues Customer Service Team is there, should you require any help or assistance

Whether you are unable to figure something out at the Shopclues portal or you have any questions or queries regarding any of your orders, you may always feel free to get in touch with the customer service team of Shopclues. They are just a call away. You may dial their customer care number i.e. 0124 441 4888. Apart from being extremely cooperative and friendly, the team is known to be very prompt at responding to issues of any sort. Happy shopping with Shopclues!

Facing issues with TalkCharge services? Contact the Customer Support Team

If you happen to face any kind of issue with anything TalkCharge related, the friendly and cooperative customer support team at TalkCharge is always there to swiftly respond and take care of everything. You may get in touch with the team via telephone no. 8527927277 or you may write to them at For any query that you may have, kindly visit the TalkCharge FAQ page