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Love to eat or eat to live? No matter which of these categories you see yourself in, there is a constant hunger of food which everyone has. However, if you belong to the category of food lovers, who have hunger attacks, food cravings or your taste buds are addicted to munching tasty foods, then Swig Show More

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Company Overview:

Launched with the motive of being the one-stop solution for ordering food from nearby restaurants, Swiggy has traveled a journey of zero to billions not only in terms of profits but also satisfied customers. The company started as a small startup in 2014 in Bengaluru when the founders realized the need for bridging the gap between customers and eateries. Initially, the startup had just six delivery personnel and covered only 25 restaurants. But the master idea could not stay confined. Soon the elated customers started demanding more and with their support Swiggy now cover more than 10000 restaurants on its platform with the help of 13000 delivery executives. Now, with just one platform you can order from various restaurants near you and Swiggy delivery personnel will bring your food to your doorstep.

Swiggy works via a smart technological platform and a partnership with various restaurants. Swiggy has its own delivery personnel who carry only one order at a time, hence making the delivery service fast and reliable. Swiggy provides better customer services and shrinking delivery timelines which enable us to stand ahead of its competitors like zomato, foodpanda, uber eats, etc. It won’t be wrong to call Swiggy an application that changed the way India ate. Considering the frantic corporate culture, Swiggy is like the knight in shining armor.

Long gone are the days when you had to remember the phone numbers of your nearby eateries and had to face the tantrums of the restaurant delivery staff just to get your food order. With Swiggy in hand, you can avoid any conversations with the restaurant. Using one single technological platform you can get mouthwatering food delivered to you in minutes. With the constant development of technologies, Swiggy is working hard to maintain its top position in the industry by providing the customers with newer better features.

Enjoy the best eating experience at home:

Not in a mood to cook? Or too tired to drive to the restaurant? No problem. Swiggy is there to help you. Swiggy ensures the most scrumptious eating experience. Below are some reasons which you would force you to try Swiggy at least once:

Benefit from the best saving deals:

Whether it is a corporate meeting or family gathering, good food is surely the highlight everywhere. You know what is even better? When you get this food at your doorstep at discounted prices and cashback offers. TalkCharge makes this possible for you. It gives you exclusive Swiggy discount coupons and deals with the help of which you can enjoy mouth-watering food at pocket-friendly prices. With TalkCharge, you can enjoy all the deals from various brands on one platform.

Eat anywhere anytime with Swiggy:

With Swiggy on the phone, you don’t need to starve if you are away from your home. Currently, Swiggy covers more than 10000 restaurants spread across 10 cities. You can enjoy delicious food wherever you are with the tap of one button. The delivery personnel in Swiggy are well mannered and are trained to provide the best quality services. If you are staying in the Swiggy serviceable pin code, then you need not worry about your food needs! Be it home or a school party, Swiggy offers splendid services to its customers anywhere anytime. Combine these with Swiggy promo codes and Swiggy exclusive deals from TalkCharge, to get the best of both worlds!

Why use TalkCharge?

TalkCharge is a coupon providing platform which partners with various big brands to get its customers the best deals which help save money. New deals are added every day and customers are given the benefits to use exclusive discounts every time they make a transaction using TalkCharge. Not only does it help you save with coupons but also with cash back. The cashback amount can be redeemed to buy gifts, recharges or bill payments. In addition to this, if you shop your heart out on TalkCharge, you get more cashback points which are added to your TalkCharge wallet directly. Hence, it is a platform that multiplies your savings without compromising with your joys.

Apart from coupons TalkCharge also has E-giftcards, bill payment, and other utility services. Thus, it’s an integrated platform to help you go about your day easily.

How TalkCharge works?

Using TalkCharge is a completely hassle-free process. All you need to do is open the website and search for the brand you are looking for. In minutes you will get all the amazing deals in front of you. With TalkCharge you can shop your favorite brands at discounted deals. The cashback earned can be used for multiple reasons without any troubles. so if you are looking forward to saving fortunes everytime you order your food or shop online, then do visit TalkCharge to get some exclusive Swiggy promotional offers and Swiggy coupons. We are sure that TalkCharge will never disappoint you!

Enjoy cashback every time you use TalkCharge:

The happiness does not end here. Every time you use TalkCharge, you get TalkCharge cashback. So, eating at your home doubles your savings when you use the splendid combination of Swiggy and TalkCharge. If you are one of those people who have a craving tummy that needs something different every day, this is the right place for you. there is no limit to using these deals. Enjoy Swiggy exclusive deals, Swiggy discount coupons and Swiggy discount offers with TalkCharge cashback. I know this looks like “too good to be true”. But still, you have to believe your eyes and rush to give it a try!

Any problems? Get 24*7 customer support from Swiggy:

Swiggy has a dedicated team to help the customers with their doubts and problems.

For any trouble you experience, contact 04460006600

For any doubts you have, anywhere anytime, you can contact Swiggy`s dedicated support team to help you out.

Also, if you wish to give your valuable feedback to the team, you are allowed to do it via the app. Swiggy has been and will continue to focus on developing its way towards betterment by improving the quality of services provided to its customers.