TicketNew Offers

TicketNew Offers

Human beings’ desire for being entertained is as old as humanity itself. With the advent of cinema, films and movies have always contributed towards satiating this desire of all of us humans. In the present day, the Indian film industry i.e. Bollywood attracts people of every age and gender, Show More

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The perfect platform for booking events and movies

TicketNew is your portal to the world of entertainment. It is akin to a gate pass that lets you gain access to your favourite family shows happening in your city. It is the best site that keeps you updated regarding any and every events, family shows, sports, movies and other entertainment activities happening around you. It is among the top sites of India delivering entertainment around the globe. As far as multiplexes, theatres and movies are concerned, TicketNew has a huge network of neighbourhood theatres to large cinema chains running across urban and rural areas. With as much as 55 theatres listed on the Ticketnew website in the Delhi NCR region alone, booking tickets for your favourite movie at any theatre has now become quite convenient. The vast listings and offerings at the TicketNew website reflect its craze among movie lovers.

A few facts listed below will help you better understand the vast expanse of TicketNew and the variety that it offers to the users.


Number of chain cinemas listed on TicketNew

(INOX, Carnival, Wave Cinemas, Innovative Multiplex)

Movies of different languages and/or regions


Genres of movies


Number of cities covered across India


Types of theatres listed

Dolby Atmos





Dolby 7.1



TicketNew coupons: The fun way to book tickets for your favourite movie

Owing to the simplified and seamless user experience that TicketNew delivers, it is amongst one the favourite websites of almost all the movie lovers out there. With the aggregation of so many multiplexes, latest movies, theatres and cinema halls at a single place, it is the most preferred online movie ticket booking portal. Users can easily book tickets for movies in any movie hall across India, thanks to TicketNew’s partnership with all the major multiplexes across the country. Additionally, the TicketNew promo code that lets users avail attractive discounts on booking of tickets is also the centre point of attraction that draws a multitude of customers towards TicketNew. Besides, it also has up for grabs a lot of exciting offers which can be availed using wallets and credit/debit cards. In order to take advantage of the offers at TicketNew, you just have to click on the ‘Offer’ button on the top of the homepage and all the offer details will be displayed instantly.

In the most unlikely situation wherein a show gets either cancelled or postponed, customers are informed in advance and they need not worry about the payments that they may have already made. The entire payment amount will be refunded to their debit/credit/Bank Account within 7 to 10 business days. That’s how secure your money is with TicketNew.

‘Swift’ is the perfect word that describes TicketNew

To the everyday user, the speed that internet offers matters the most and each user wants to put this speed to some good use. Therefore, quite obviously, whatever tasks can be done online must be processed at ever higher speeds so that users do not have to wait unnecessarily even for a fraction of a second. The same holds true while booking movie tickets also. Every user wishes to get movie tickets at the blink of an eye and that is exactly what TicketNew delivers. The fastest movie ticket booking experience is a routine affair at TicketNew and that is what attracts more and more new users towards TicketNew.

The secret behind the blazing fast ticket booking experience that TicketNew provides to the users is its use of the ‘Box Office Suite’, a comprehensive ticketing software that has a plethora of useful features and options that grant more and more convenience to the user and smoothen the overall experience. Having booked the tickets online and upon successful completion of the payment, you will instantly receive a confirmation SMS or an e-mail. Thereafter, you just have to collect the tickets at the theatre premises/Counter with the order ID.

So many options to choose from

Whether you are a Hindi movie lover or a diehard fan of English movies, TicketNew has an offering for everyone. From Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam to even Assamese movies, TicketNew is one big storehouse of a variety of choices. The choices of movies at TicketNew are not just limited to regions and languages. Movies of a host of genres are there to choose from. Right from horror and thriller to romantic and comedy movies, TicketNew also has listings of movies belonging to genres such as adventure, history, biography, animation and action.

Lately, 3D movies have become a new trend that is being liked by many viewers because 3D movies offer an unparalleled viewing experience where characters on the screen almost come alive. TicketNew upholds this thrill associated with 3D movies as well by offering movie ticket bookings for 3D movies as well.

Enjoy cashback on booking via Talkcharge

Discounts surely do attract almost all the users alike. To top that offering, if a certain amount of cashback is also made available to users, the deal is going to be almost irrefutable, with users always coming back for bookings. Such kind of amazing deals can only be found at TalkCharge, the most preferred cashback website of users across India. If you choose to book your movie tickets at TicketNew via Talkcharge, not only will you be able to benefit from the TicketNew coupons and offers, you will also be able to capitalize on the amazing cashback offer. At TalkCharge, you can avail the Talkcharge coupons that let you save more while booking your favorite shows. With every booking that you make at TicketNew via TaklkCharge, you get an assured TalkCharge cashback of 10/- INRs. The cashback is instantly credited into your TalkCharge wallet upon successful completion of the booking transaction at TicketNew.

How to book at TicketNew via Talkcharge to avail TalkCharge cashback

The process of getting movie tickets booked at TicketNew via TalkCharge is quite simple. Just a few simple steps will let you book movie tickets and enjoy TalkCharge cashback too. All you have to do is:-

TalkCharge automatically tracks your transaction at TicketNew and once you complete the payment process at TicketNew, TalkCharge will instantly credit an amount of 10/- INRs as TalkCharge cashback into your TalkCharge wallet. The cashback that is credited into your TalkCharge wallet can be later redeemed, either in the form of Recharge or Bill Payment via the TalkCharge portal or in the form of E-Giftcards that can be gifted to your loved ones or redeemed.

So, go ahead and enjoy hassle-free ticket booking with TicketNew and also avail additional cashback on booking via TalkCharge.