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Travel on your mind? Want your travel experience to be full of joy and devoid of any worries or hassles? If yes, you surely might have tried a number of travel websites in order to plan that perfect journey but a shortcoming here or a loose end there might have kept you bereft of indulging in the be Show More

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Ease of travelling: That’s Yatra

Yatra is an Indian travel agency that was started way back in 2006 with its headquarters based in Gurgaon, Haryana. With its website i.e., Yatra also happens to be a travel search engine that provides comprehensive travel related information pertaining to pricing, availability etc. of flights, buses, trains and hotels. In 2012, Yatra had been ranked as the second largest online website in India and is currently India’s most preferred travel web portal, not for no reason though.

Users who have used one or more of Yatra’s travel-related services since 2006

7 million

Number of hotels contracted across India


Number of travel agents across India



Yatra happens to be a one of a kind travel portal that makes your entire travel experience full of ease and convenience. Right from the onset of your travel, it first assists you in securing journey tickets (from bus tickets to train tickets and even flight tickets). Thereafter, in order for you to enjoy a comfortable stay, it assists you in getting hotel reservations done. Going a step further towards ensuring a joyful journey for you, Yatra even lets you book cabs and taxis for local travel. All in all, Yatra lets you do a lot more than just travel bookings for your journey. Apart from booking domestic and international flights, you may also avail national and international hotel bookings, inter-city and point-to-point cab bookings, a multitude of holiday packages, bus bookings, cruises, city tour and activities, train bookings, homesteads and adventure trips.

Yatra does not aim to make just the travel experience better and smoother for its users. It rather aims at creating an overall smooth experience for all users, right from the time they visit the website for getting bookings done to the moment they complete their journey. Besides, in order for all its users to avail great offers, Yatra also provides Yatra coupons and Yatra promo codes. So, whether you have been planning a train journey or a journey by air, head straight to for bookings and take advantage of the Yatra flight coupons and Yatra hotel coupons.

Avail Yatra flight coupons and Yatra hotel coupons

Domestic Flights

Flat Rs. 700/- off

Business Travel

Flat 71% off

International Flights

Upto Rs. 25,000/- off

International Flights

Flat 10% off with Standard Chartered

International Flights

Flat 25% cashback

International Holidays

Flat 10% off with Standard Chartered

Winter Vacation Offer

Rs 4,000/- off with Yatra SBI Credit Card


Seamless User Interface; Hassle free bookings

Being one of the leading platforms that provides real time information pertaining to booking status, availability and the latest pricing of flight tickets, bus and rail tickets and even hotel rooms’ information, Yatra relies heavily on its web interface that has been designed to be highly intuitive and seamless which results in a smooth overall user experience. As soon as the user visits the Yatra website, he/she is greeted directly with the booking page. That’s what is known as ‘no beating about the bush’ and ‘getting straight to business’. By just entering the station of departure and the city or station of arrival at the booking page of Yatra along with the date of departure, the date of return journey and the number of travellers, users can get flight as well as bus or rail tickets booked. As simple as 1,2,3,... Scrolling down the same page, users will find ‘Yatra Special’ offers and discounts. Be it planning a trip to a spiritual place or a honeymoon to an exotic destination or even a trip to a place of historical importance, Yatra will always prepare the best travel plan for you and will assist you from A to Z. Such an amazing user experience backed by the trust that users have reposed on Yatra since 2006 has made Yatra the most preferred online travel portal.

Not just Yatra’s website but the Yatra app also, which is available for Android as well as iOS, focuses on simplifying user experience. It features a smooth User Interface that is self-explanatory which allows each and every user to seamlessly book tickets.

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How to use the Yatra coupons and Yatra promo codes to avail the discounts

Using the promo codes and the discount coupons is very simple when you choose to book tickets at Yatra via Talkcharge. The following simple steps will guide you through the entire process.