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TataSky Recharge Online

In the Direct to Home (DTH) Television services domain in India, TataSky has emerged as the strongest contender. Tata Sky, a collaborative venture between Tata Sons and 21st Century Fox, launched its services in 2006 and has since become the most preferred and the most popular DTH service provider in India. TataSky made many pioneering efforts in the DTH services domain. For instance, customized package and channel options were first introduced by TataSky. Besides, interactive services on the platform, Hindi programming guide, DIY video library, and a host of other features are also on the list. Tata Sky eloquently describes its objective as “connecting to the best content in the world on any budget, any screen, anytime and anywhere”. In sync with its objective, it provides users with a variety of exciting Television services such as Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), and High Definition+ (HD+) streaming.

Tata Sky Recharge Plans & Offers - 2024

TataSky PackTataSky Recharge PlansValidityPrice(Rs.)
Hindi News9 Channels - 6 Popular Channels, 6 Hindi News1 month₹ 3.54
English News10 Channels - 7 Popular Channels, 7 English News1 monthfree
Music5 Channels - 2 Popular Channels, 2 Music Channels1 month₹5.55
Kids11 Channels - 7 Popular Channels, 7 Kids1 month₹ 35.69
My 99160 Channels - 18 Popular Channels, 7 Hindi News, 4 Hindi Entertainment, 3 Religious / Devotional1 month₹ 99
Dhamaka 199171 Channels - 36 Popular Channels, 10 Hindi Entertainment, 9 Hindi News, 8 Hindi Movies1 month₹ 199
Family Kids91 Channels, 38 Popular Channels, 8 Hindi Movies, 7 Hindi Entertainment, 7 Kids1 month₹216.23
Family Sports90 Channel1 month₹456
Hindi Starter HDHD Channel Count 10 SD Channel Count 211 Month₹109

Latest and New Tata Sky Online Recharge

For TataSky, the interest of its users stands paramount. With a view to cater to the specific interests of different users, TataSky offers a plethora of DTH packs and services. ‘Kids’, ‘Learn’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Spiritual’ and ‘Regional’ are some such niche-specific services that attract a lot of customers. For TataSky, ‘customization’ is the mantra. That is why TataSky lets its users choose their channels and make their own customized DTH packages. This is how TataSky grants full freedom to its valued users and allows them to stay in control. Another outstanding feature that goes on to show its commitment to serving the needs of its customers is the variety of TataSky recharge plans that the company offers. Keeping in mind the needs as well as the budgets of different customers, TataSky has provided a number of recharge packs.

Benefits of Tata Sky Recharge

Taking a step further towards granting more and more convenience to its customers, TataSky offers Tata sky online recharge that lets users recharge and renew their DTH services and packs in just a few clicks. With the option of TataSky recharges online, users no longer need to either visit a physical store or wait in long queues merely for the sake of recharging their DTH packs.

All TataSky Recharge Offers

TataSky offers its users the option to get their TataSky DTH done online. Users and take advantage of checking out all Tata sky packages and tata sky recharge offers at a single portal. This could let them browse through all the available best tata sky packages like Tata sky HD packages, tata sky monthly packages, or tata sky Dhamaka pack before they go for Tata sky online recharge. TalkCharge listened to this demand of the users and added TataSky to its list of clients so that users can make Tata sky DTH recharge via the TalkCharge. Here a user can get all the information about mobile or DTH recharge. A consumer gets comprehensive and all-inclusive details about all the recharge packs of every network operator.

How to Make TataSky Recharge Online via TalkCharge?

As is TataSky’s mantra to provide more and more ease and convenience to its customers, so is the sincere endeavour of TalkCharge too. With TalkCharge, you are required to follow just a few simple steps in order to make your Tata sky online recharge. First of all, you need to have a user account with TalkCharge. This can be done using the ‘Sign Up’ option. Once you have created your account with TalkCharge, just sign in with your credentials. Once logged in, just follow the below-mentioned simple steps.

  • Click on the DTH option
  • Under the ‘Recharge your DTH’ tab, click on ‘Select your Operator’
  • Click and select TataSky from the drop-down list that appears
  • Enter your Subscriber Id in the next field
  • Enter the amount and click on ‘Continue'
  • You will be redirected to the payments page where you can pay using one of the available payment options that include Debit card, Credit card, Net Banking, and UPI

Viola! Your TataSky DTH has been successfully recharged and your Television is alive and rocking again. That is the kind of convenience users enjoy with TalkCharge.

Best TataSky Recharge Packs in different cities

TataSky has introduced affordable plans in Tamilnadu, Telugu, and Karnataka. Its basic plan begins from Rs. 45. You will access all the channels of entertainment, lifestyle, and knowledge. Also, it has all the channels in SD and HD.

Tata Sky Customer Care Number

TataSky Helpline is now 24*7 available for any queries about, call anytime at below given toll-free numbers.

TataSky toll-free number

1800 208 6633 (Toll free) 1800 208 6633 (Toll free)

1860 208 6633, 1860 120 6633, 1860 500 6633

1860 208 6633, 1860 120 6633, 1860 500 6633

Get your answer in 13 different languages from highly qualified and trained customer support associates.

Tel: +91-22-66133000

Fax: +91-22-66133030

E-mail: contact@tatasky.com

For all subscriber-related complaints, please write to 'help@tatasky.com'

How to Get TataSky New Connection?

Select From Any Of The Following Options:

Method 1: Send SC < space > < event code > to 56633 For event code press Showcase on remote (or)

Go to (HD) CH 401, 402, 403, 404, 405 and (SD) CH 431, 432, 433, 434

Method 2: Log on to My Tata Sky

If you are not a member, register yourself on My Tata Sky

Click on the ‘Order Showcase’ section

Follow the simple instructions on your screen


Method 3: Give a Missed Call to 074117

TalkCharge Team Helps You for Any Issues Related To TataSky

In the unlikely possibility of your Tata sky recharge not being processed successfully at the website, you can contact the TalkCharge customer support team anytime. If you are facing any other issues such as cashback not being credited against a successful transaction or payment not being processed successfully etc., the TalkCharge team will gladly assist you. If you are not facing any issue in particular but have a query in mind or if you would like to know about ways and means to earn more cashback, do not hesitate to get in touch with the friendly, cooperative and, above all, swift and responsive customer support team. The customer support team can be contacted either via email or phone. Write to the team at care@talkcharge.com.

TataSky Recharge FAQs:-

1. How can I get an emergency recharge in TataSky?

You can give a miss call at 080-61999922 from the registered number and soon your account would be credited and services will resume.

2. Which is Tata Sky minimum recharge?

The minimum recharge value of TataSky is Rs. 50.

3. What is a Tata Sky HD recharge plan?

HD Recharge plans begin from Rs. 95. It provides a number of channels with excellent picture quality.

4. How to select channels in Tata Sky?

Visit the official website of TataSky and go to the account. Add your registered ID and then select channels that you wish to avail yourself of.

5. How to remove channels from Tata Sky?

You can connect with the TataSky customer care team on 1800-208-6633 in order to remove unwanted channels.

6. How to recharge Tata Sky?

You can either visit the Quick Recharge page of TataSky or recharge through its mobile application or can connect with your local authorized partner.

7. How to add a channel in Tata Sky?

Visit the official website of TataSky, click on Select Packs then enter your mobile number or subscriber ID, then enter the OTP that you have received.

8. Which Tata Sky recharge sports pack is best to watch IPL 2024?

Tata Sky offers customized sports recharge which gives you access to all sports channels. You can buy this at just ₹136.05/month and you get 12 SD channels, if you upgrade the pack, you can get HD channels as well. You can watch IPL 2024 without any hindrance.