Our Leaders

Ankush Katiyar

Founder & CEO

Founded TalkCharge with the Vision to help our people save more and to do it digitally. As Our motto says 'Go Far with Cashback' , We are working every day to provide our users, with Best Deals & Coupons. Entrepreneur journey at TalkCharge was never easy but our happy users and TC Team kept me going! I feel proud to build something thats is been loved by millions of TC family and is letting them purchase economically.

Shivani Gupta


TalkCharge is the Dream that we have lived and build since 2014. Starting from Bill Payment services to Affiliate Marketing, we have come a long way. To be the part of the TalkCharge Journey and building something which makes our user happy is the biggest success we have achieved by now. As it is well said ‘Do something with Passion or Don’t Do it at all’. Lets this Passion drive us to A Billion TC family!

Our People

Vinay Singh

PHP Developer

“I just believe in Not to Stop when tired, STOP when you are DONE!"

Pramod Kumar

Web Developer

"Staying together is progress, and working together is success, and TalkCharge is all about Togetherness."

Gokul Kumar

Android Developer

"A Great Employer is like a four leaf clover, hard to find & lucky to have" and so with TalkCharge."

Lovelesh Kalonia

Content Writer

"Working at TalkCharge is like working for an established start-up. You truly feel a sense of accomplishment while knowing that you're part of something special."

Manjit Singh

Customer Support

"We believe in working hard and trying it one more time. Working in TC is everyday learning."

Sakshi Nayak

Customer Support

"You don't have to be great to start. You have to start to be great. And I have seen the same journey of Growth at TalkCharge."

Ajay Sachdeva


"I am Ajay Sachdeva. I recently joined TalkCharge and immediately fell in love with the work environment here."

Bhagat Singh

Graphic Designer

"Great things never come from comfort zone. And being comfortable is boring. And at TC its a New Way every time."


Talkcharge Family

Treat Team Like They Make A Difference And They Will.


Focus is the key

Work Hard in Silence, Lets Success make the Noise.


Think Different

Or Instead of Going Outside The Box, Just Get Rid of The Box.


The Success Story

We Gonna Make The Rest Of Our Life, The Best Of Our Life.


Excuses Don't get results

If the Plan Doesnt Work 'Chang The Plan' But Never 'The Goal'.


One dream one team

It is Amazing What Can Be Accomplished, When Nobody Cares About Who Gets The Credit!


Never stop

Go The Extra Mile, Its Never Crowded.


Towords big results

The Elevator To Success is Out of Order, You will have to use the stairs.. One Step At A Time.


Not busy but productive

Stay Positive, Work Hard, Make It Happen.


We love TC Coupons

Our Coupons & Deals, Don't make you Shopaholic, We are just helping Economy! ☺


Knowk it now

If You Obey All the Rules, You Miss All The Fun


Awesome together

You Dont have to be crazy to work here, We will train You!