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Electricity is an essential service in the 21st century. Without it, most businesses will have to shut shop. A stable electric power supply is even more crucial is in the areas which are the epicenter of business development and innovation. Hence, electricity boards like the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board play a crucial role in the monitoring and smooth delivery of this essential service. The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board or TNEB is a power generation and distribution company owned by the Government of Tamil Nadu. It was created as a regulated monopoly under section 131 of the Electricity Act (2003) as a successor to the Electricity Department of the Government of Madras under the authority of the Department of Power

The TNEB was started in 1957 as the Madras State Electricity Board according to the Electricity Supply Act of 1948. Given the large size of the state it’s services automatically make it the largest State Electricity Board in the country in terms of number of consumers. It is an electric power supplier to over 279.27 lakh users. It is also this huge size and nature of work that turned TNEB into TNEB Ltd with its 2 subsidiaries; one for power generation and distribution and the other for power transmission.  Given its huge nature it is bound to be providing services to a wide base of individuals and industrial units. And with the multiplicity of consumers comes a quite busy bill payment counter. But fear not, we at TalkCharge have got you covered. TNEB Online Payment is now a super quick process of only a couple of minutes. But before you jump into how that can happen let’s briefly look at what the TNEB Ltd is and what it does.

Changing lives by electrifying homes

From 1957 to date, the TNEB has played an instrumental role in supplying electricity to each and every in the state.  Its expansion is easily understood from these following points.

The consumer base of the TNEB has expanded from 4.3 lakhs to about 279.27 lakhs

The number of distribution transformers has gone up from 3773 to 2,82,028

Peak demand has risen from 172 MW to 15,343 MW

Per capita consumption now stands at 1340 units compared to the erstwhile 21units.

TNEB has taken big steps towards its goal of creating electricity infrastructure for all un-electrified villages / un-electrified hamlets and hence provide access to electricity to all households. It has successfully electrified 26 districts and continues to do so in the Nilgiris, Tirunelveli and Dharmapuri districts

The TNEB Ltd. understands its responsibility towards the environment given its large size. It has hence set up 47 hydro power plants under the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd. These irrigation and non-irrigation Hydro stations are mainly operated for maintaining frequency of the grid and for emergency and contingency management.

The TNEB Ltd. also provides services to its industrial and commercial areas which makes sure that every business gets enough power supply to go about its daily functioning without any problem. Thus it allows for smooth business activities and hence making the state rich in entrepreneurial activities of all kinds. The TNEB is bound to be the busiest service provider given the fact that it caters to over 270 lakh consumers. Indeed this largest state electricity board of the country lives up to its title and leaves no stone unturned in providing impeccable services to its subscribers.

Avail quick and easy TNEB Bill payment

TNEB Bill Payment is now faster than ever. Say goodbye to lines at the bill payment centers. You can now make a TNEB Online Payment from the convenience of your home. Now, process TNEB Bill Payment in just a few minutes. Using the TalkCharge website or android mobile application not only gives you a convenient method of paying your TNEB Bill but also gives you discounts on the offers. The process to make electricity bill payments is also very simple. You simply have to log in on the website or mobile application and follow the steps mentioned below:

Choose the electricity category on the website or mobile app

Choose TNEB – Tamil Nadu

Enter consumer number

Confirm amount to be paid

Your TNEB Online Payment can be completed using Debit card, Credit card or E-wallets

That’s how smooth the process is! You no longer have to go through the hassles of traffic before the payment collection center and the long queues.  A few taps and you can enjoy uninterrupted electricity supply at your home or office.

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