Pay your Electricity Bill

Note :- Your service provider will take upto 3 working days to consider bill payment in account.

TNEB Online Payment - Pay Your Electricity Bill

Now you can pay your TNEB Bill without any hassle. You can directly visit the official website of TANGEDCO and make the payment through online payment methods. Now sit back at home and do the needful at your convenience.

About TNEB - Tamil Nadu Electricity Board

Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (contracted as TNEB) is an electricity generation and circulating organization possessed by Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited (TANGEDCO) as a part of the Government of Tamil Nadu, India. It was made as a directed imposing business model under area 131 of the Act for Electricity (2003) succeeding the past Board for Tamil Nadu Electricity. It is the biggest State Electricity Board in the nation regarding the number of buyers.

How to check TNEB Bill Status?

TNEB Bill Status can be checked online, seamlessly following these easy steps:

  1. Visit the webpage for TNEB at the TANGEDCO website.
  2. Find the choice of 'Billing Services' at the focal point of the page.
  3. Under the Billing Services, select the option of 'Bill Status'.
  4. Another page will show up with the related fields.
  5. Enter your service number. It is present in your bill.
  6. Next, select your residing area from the drop list.
  7. Continue by entering the captcha code to know your EB Bill Status.

Many times customers end up receiving faulty bills. It is advisable for users of TANGEDCO to know the TNEB readings online before heading for their TNEB bill payments.

How to Make TNEB Online Bill Payment?

Tamil Nadu electricity bill payment online is a cakewalk through the TalkCharge website and mobile app letting one fetch the bill receipt amount, read and analyze it and subsequently pay for it using a debit card, credit card or banking-through-internet facility. What makes this more rewarding for the people in Chennai and South region is the extra amount of cashback earned for every transaction at TalkCharge. The TNEB bill payment system through the TalkCharge platform can be summed down in the following steps:

  1. Select your power supplier to be TNEB from the dropdown list.
  2. Punch in your Consumer ID and tap on proceed towards your TNEB online bill payment.
  3. Consequently, you can scrutinize and understand the bill-entirety that you should pay. After a point-on-point investigation, you can continue further for the payment.
  4. After fetching your bill you will be prompted to log-in or sign up if you haven't till this point.
  5. On the following page, you can choose your favored payment option among Internet Banking, Debit and Credit Cards or any UPI method of exchange.
  6. Pick the appropriate coupon or promotion code and hit the Pay Now button.
  7. That's it, your TNEB online payment of electricity bills is done and your subsequent TalkCharge Cashback is en route.

Convenient Payment Options for TNEB Online Payment

Choose among lots of options to make your TNEB bill payment at the TalkCharge Platform. Pick up your debit card, credit card or use your internet banking solution or any UPI method of the transaction to pay off your bills for your home and office electricity.

Exciting TNEB Bill Payment Offers

Your Electricity Bill Online Payment for TNEB does not get any better than this. Tons of offers and cashback options to be collected against every TNEB bill payment from the TalkCharge website and mobile app.

TNEB Customer Care Number

You can get in touch with the customer support team by dialing 044-28520131. Subsequently, other notable contact numbers are:

  • Chennai North: 28521949 / 28224423,
  • Chennai South: 28594234 / 24715121,
  • Madurai: 0452 – 2537528 / 2538159,
  • Salem: 0424 2272207 and
  • Vellore: 0416-2242969


1. How to pay the TNEB bill online?

You can pay TNEB bill online through its official website. However, if you want to get a discount on your utility bill payment, the TalkCharge should be your go to platform.

2. How to find TNEB consumer numbers?

The TNEB consumer number is listed on the white meter card on the receipt of your TNEB bill.

3. How to check the electricity bill amount TNEB?

Visit the official site of the TANGEDCO, click on billing services. Then click on bill status. On the same page, enter your service number and select your residing area. Enter the captcha in order to check the TNEB amount,

4. How to change mobile number TNEB?

On the website of TNEB, click on the mobile number update form, select the region code, enter your TNEB consumer number, and receipt your last bill payment. Also, enter the date of payment of the previous bill. Then enter the mobile that you want to update and then click on the Submit button.